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1735 Maas Caspian and Persia.jpeg
This is Isaac Maasa's 1735 map of the Caspian Sea, featuring the eastern shore, the Aral Sea and what were then the lands of the Uzbecks and Kalmykia on the northern edge of the Persian Empire.

1728 Delisle J N Maris Caspii 02.jpg
This is J. N. Delisle's 1728 map of the Caspian Sea, published in St. Petersburg as part of I. K. Kirilov's "Russischer Atlas" (1745).

This is a manuscript map, kept in the Department of Manuscripts, Library of the Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg). It was created between 1700 and 1705 and features prominently both the trading quarters of the city and some of the city's gardens.

1693 Witsen Astrachan.jpeg
This illustration accompanies the second volume of N. Witsen's "Noord en Oost Tartarye" (1705). It offers two views of the city of Astrkahan', one of which foregrounds the city's vineyards.

Olearius 1656 Karta Wolgae 01.jpg
This map of the Volga River appears in Adam Olearius, Vermehrte Moscowistische und Persianische Reiseebeschreibung ... (1656)
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