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Leninopad animation
the timeline of toppled Lenin statues in Ukraine

Lenins still standing [map]
a map showing the statues of Lenin still standing after Leninopad in Ukraine

Golden toilet
a golden toilet installed on the pedestal vacated by the Lenin statue in Kiev

Fall of Lenin in Kiev
photographs of the toppled Lenin statue in Kiev

Body parts from the demolished statue made available for sale online to earn monetary support for pro-Kiev volunteer battalions in the east.

a history of the Lenin statue in Kiev (toppled in December 2013)

Sasha Senderovich's NYT op-ed on the toppling of the Lenin statue in Kiev

In this New York Review of Books piece, Vladimir Sorokin reflects on the symbolism of the toppled monuments, drawing parallels and making distinctions between how it was done in Russia in 1991 and in Ukraine in 2014, and raising the question of what…

Kharkiv deputy head Ihor Terekhov comments on the "illegal" removal of the monument and reveals the plan to have it re-erected.
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