The Project of Becoming: The LGBT Movement’s Elastic Resistance in Post-Soviet Countries

What began as a digital anthropological project, rhizomed into a project not contained to one specific discipline.   ‘The Project of Becoming’ critically investigates the multivalent uses of maps in exposing the contemporary LGBT community of post-socialist states in Eastern Europe. As full citizenship  being denied due to their sexual orientation, this purportedly  ‘off the grid’ community becomes a case study exposing the dilemma of collecting data while remaining ethical to the community one is trying to render in the name of research.  This project retraces the multiple research circuits used in coming to this conclusion.  It is through these taxonomies a recycling of the term Queer Space is ultimately reanimated and shown crossing the multiple territorial divisions among: digital technology, the humanities and public displays of activism, where each becomes sites of resistance for critical engagement.

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Scott Valentine