Salonika _ multiconfessionalism and urban form

This project presents events in Salonika’s urban history that provide links between urban form and sociopolitical condition. These events, distant from each other both in time and historical context, are selected to compose a narrative in the longue durée for Salonika’s urban form. Fragmentation is inevitable when talking about Salonika; the city’s continuous presence is marked with sharp discontinuities and shifts that produced a succession of different urban conditions. Within this ever-changing landscape however, the city testifies to a consistent and continuous relation between the evolution of its urban form and the shifting political and social landscape. It is exactly these entanglements between the material and the socio-political that this project aims to grasp, thus situating Salonika’s urban evolution within the broader cultural processes that shape history as well as space. In search of these entanglements, the project focuses specifically on the correlation between the city’s multi-cultural consistency and the changes of its materiality over time. 


Dimitris Venizelos