Caspian Connectivity

This exhibit, "Caspian Connectivity" focuses on how the Caspian Sea has been a space defined by movement over the last three centuries. As the states around the Caspian have come into being, fought for soverignty and shared the various routes and riches of the Caspian, how have they come to relate to one other with respect to this body of water with which they share a border? The map gallery will feature selected aspects of the evolution of connectivity among these geopolitical participants. From ports and roads in the 18th century, to oil pipelines in the 21st, the space of the Caspian while relying on developing new ways to move around, through and even underneath its waters has nevetheless defied geographical delmitations. In the 21st century it has become a space of remarbly new models of power sharing. 


Dalal M. Al Sayer, Claire Fisher, Rachel Koroloff, Vitaly Kozyrev