A Guide to Nabokov's "A Guide to Berlin"


A Guide to Nabokov's "A Guide to Berlin"


"A Guide to Berlin"—a 1925 short story by Vladimir Nabokov


Jenya Mironava




Jenya Mironava


English, Russian, German

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"Löwenbräu" Pub, Berlin, 1929
"Löwenbräu" Pub at Charlottenstrasse 50 in Berlin, where the narrator of the story "A Guide to Berlin" meets his friend

Narrative Guide
This schematic representation of the narrative movement of Nabokov's "A Guide to Berlin" shows the temporal complexity of the narrative. Each block (color-coded by the location) represents a small textual segment, in which the time of action was…

Возвращенiе Чорба, 1st Edition, 1929. Cover.
В. Сиринъ, Возвращенiе Чорба, First Edition, Berlin: Slovo, 1929."A Guide to Berlin" was first published in book form as part of this collection.

"Berlin: Asphaltarbeiter von oben / 20. Juli 1934"
Construction workers in Berlin, view from above

Hotel "Eden," Berlin
front view of Hotel "Eden" located at Budapester Straße 35 (previously, Kurfürstendamm 246/247)
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