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The route followed by Robert Kaplan in his book Eastward to Tartary

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The route map used by Anne Applebaum in her book Between East and West: Across the Borderlands of Europe

Word clouds generated by analyzing language used by travelers describing the experience of a border or borderland between Europe and Asia.

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A heat map generated by mapping all of the points where English-language travelers identified a border or borderland between Europe and Asia or East and West. The Caucasus (especially Tbilisi), the Balkans (especially Bosnia) and the Volga/Ural…

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An illustration of the Europe-Asia border marker in the Ural Mountains, from Thomas Knox's 1871 book, Overland through Asia.

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An illustration from the 1899 book by John Fraser, Round the world on a wheel

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An illustration from Arthur Evans's 1877 book, Through Bosnia and the Herzegovina on Foot During the Insurrection, August and September 1875
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