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An illustration from the 1899 book by John Fraser, Round the world on a wheel

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An illustration of the Europe-Asia border marker in the Ural Mountains, from Thomas Knox's 1871 book, Overland through Asia.

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A heat map generated by mapping all of the points where English-language travelers identified a border or borderland between Europe and Asia or East and West. The Caucasus (especially Tbilisi), the Balkans (especially Bosnia) and the Volga/Ural…

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The route map used by Anne Applebaum in her book Between East and West: Across the Borderlands of Europe

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The route followed by Robert Kaplan in his book Eastward to Tartary

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An illustration from Arthur Evans's 1877 book, Through Bosnia and the Herzegovina on Foot During the Insurrection, August and September 1875

Word clouds generated by analyzing language used by travelers describing the experience of a border or borderland between Europe and Asia.
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