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Belt and Road.jpeg
A internet user drawn map of the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (中国版战略载体:一带一路)

Railroads from China to Europe

Oil and gas pipelines.jpg
Oil and gas pipelines in Central Asia. Note: The Kazakhstan-Chinese pipeline (green) from Atyrau (north of Aktau) to China is finished by now

mapps_WHC_silk road map.png
Site map of the World Cultural Heritage (WHC attachment to the site page) overlaid with the historical Silk Road map from (item 959) report;

mapps_initiatives_silk road map.png
A (very sketchy) map of a series of international new Silk Road initiatives since 1998.

mapps_trade partners.png
Silk Road countries and their trade partners. Data source: CIA Factbook

I visualized the series of (population density, GDP, GDP per capita, FDI) on a map that juxtaposes provinces of China and other countries in the Silk Road region, so they are in a sense more comparable in scale. Data sources includes World Bank …

I geocoded the news archives of the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road feature page (, available in Chinese, English and Russian), and mapped them in ArcGIS. Note…

I mapped all the news search result of Silk Road Economic Belt from LexisNexis academic news database, according to the geography analyzed by SmartIndexing of the site. The two maps are those of Chinese state-owned news agencies and other…

mapps_blank_silk road map.png
One of the many illustrations of the historical Silk Road(s). Original photographer unknown.
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