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This photograph is part of the article“A New Jerusalem” published in the magazine “The Catholic World” - a monthly periodical of general literature and science. Lucy Garnet who is the author of the article, describes a seductive image of a…

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The isotropic grid of the classic polis was built on the –practical as well as conceptual- hippodamian grid, with via Egnatia as the basic structuring element. The grid reflecting the geometric and philosophic approach of the Pythagoreans, produced a…

rotunda all-01.jpg
This collage shows the consecutive transformations of the Rotunda as result of changes in the religious and political regime in Salonika



[The postcard was sent from Anatolia College instructor, Dr. Riggs to Mrs. Fanny Brewster in Pennsylvania, U.S.A., when Anatolia College was operating in Merzifon].;

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