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This short video is a collection of images of Salonika before the big fire.

hellenistic grid-01-01-01.jpg
The isotropic grid of the classic polis was built on the –practical as well as conceptual- hippodamian grid, with via Egnatia as the basic structuring element. The grid reflecting the geometric and philosophic approach of the Pythagoreans, produced a…

rotunda all-01.jpg
This collage shows the consecutive transformations of the Rotunda as result of changes in the religious and political regime in Salonika

This photograph is part of the article“A New Jerusalem” published in the magazine “The Catholic World” - a monthly periodical of general literature and science. Lucy Garnet who is the author of the article, describes a seductive image of a…


The Rotunda after its conversion to a mosque.

rotunda plan.jpeg
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