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Blackwell E 1737 pl 153 Vitis Vinifera.jpg
This is a botanical illustration of the wine grape (Vitis vinifera) taken from Elizabeth Blackwell's 1737 "A Curious Herbal," plate 153.

1763 Bell title.jpg
This edition of John Bell's "Travels..." was printed in two volumes detailing Bell's travels from 1715 through 1718 along the Volga River, the Caspian Sea and into Persia.

de Bruyn 1714 01 Title Page.jpeg
Cornelius de Bruyn's 2-volume work, "Travels in Muscovy, Persia and part of the East-Indies ..." (1737) details de Bruyn's extensive travels which took him from Moscow in 1703 to Isfahan, and from there on to Persepolis (1704). De Bruyn returned to…

1693 Witsen Astrachan.jpeg
This illustration accompanies the second volume of N. Witsen's "Noord en Oost Tartarye" (1705). It offers two views of the city of Astrkahan', one of which foregrounds the city's vineyards.

1770 Gmelin Reise pl 043.jpg
This map of the city of Astrakhan' was produced by Samuel Gottlieb Gmelin and was included in the second volume (1774) of his work "Reise durch Russland zur Untersuchung der drei Natur-Reiche."
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