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Number of existing and toppled Lenin monuments visualized

Raining Lenin_animation.gif
the timeline of toppled Lenin statues in Ukraine

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leninopad card.jpg
an artistic take on the Leninopad phenomenon in Ukraine

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a special 1hr40min-long TV program from the Russian channel "Rossiia 1" dedicated entirely to the topic of Leninopad

video compilation of the toppling of Lenin monuments in a number of Ukrainian cities

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Top cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus with the largest number of existing Lenin monuments (as of October 2014)

Lenins still standing_map.jpg
a map showing the statues of Lenin still standing after Leninopad in Ukraine

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In this New York Review of Books piece, Vladimir Sorokin reflects on the symbolism of the toppled monuments, drawing parallels and making distinctions between how it was done in Russia in 1991 and in Ukraine in 2014, and raising the question of what…

infographic showing the remaining statues of Lenin in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus as of October 2014 Data source:, October 2014

In order to protect the monument in Zaporozhie from "leninopad," an activist dressed the statue in a traditional Ukranian shirt ("vyshivanka").

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