Map of Warsaw Pride Route, 2014


Map of Warsaw Pride Route, 2014


This abstracted map was created by reviewing hours of footage from the Warsaw Pride Parade. During research it became apparent these routes are not publicly distributed online leading one to speculate this removal from the public domain could be for safety concerns. Not unique to this region, pride parades often see a fair share of protests by anti-LGBT advocates. More pressing to this region has been the often recorded violent reactions to these parades. By not having a map, it makes it harder for those against homosexual rights to protest these ephemeral critical masses. It would make logical sense to remove these from the internet thus allowing them to continue while curbing these violent reactions. Here, I parallel this notion, removing any physical mention of the city and place with the exception of the background map of Poland. The use of the 'pink curtains' is a term developed in reference to LGBT cultural in the post-Socialist countries, weaving together the idea of the Iron Curtain with the unofficial color of the LGBT movement: pink.


Scott Valentine




Scott Valentine


Scott Valentine


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Scott Valentine, “Map of Warsaw Pride Route, 2014,” Mapping Cultural Space Across Eurasia, accessed May 30, 2024,


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