Internet Dérive: Poland


Internet Dérive: Poland


Internet Dérive: Poland


Using the software Screenflow, I was able to track the real time approach to document my workflow. It is in these digital dérives I collapse and combine the internet with the physical, questioning its daily function and usage as a 'thing' we inhabit. In this video, I briefly explore the climate around Croatian views on homosexuality, revealing the research methods and pathway I approached this topic. This video is meant to be informative, and is a snapshot of the process. In thinking about collaborative approaches, I felt the need to make transparent the process used to extend how we as researchers can better and more quickly learn about particular subjects and events through our hyperconnected lives online.

This video retraces my amusement and amazement of discovering the gay bar Le Madame did not exist online.

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Scott Valentine


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Scott Valentine, “Internet Dérive: Poland,” Mapping Cultural Space Across Eurasia, accessed November 30, 2023,


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