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"Konka," a Russian horse-drawn tram, served as a means of transportation in St. Petersburg from 1863 until 1917.

A horse-drawn omnibus on Nevsky Prospekt in Petersburg, 1900. K. Bulla's photo studio can be seen in the background.

nabokov_kadewe photo.jpg
A photograph of the young Vladimir Nabokov taken at KaDeWe, Berlin's department store, during his 6th year of exile, as the writer's handwritten caption indicates.

An interactive graph, or "score," of Nabokov's short story "A Guide to Berlin." The interactive "score" of Nabokov's "A guide to Berlin" shows the progression of the narrative verb by verb in each chapter (left to right, horizontal axis) and the…

Pipes—"not yet lowered into the ground"—on Potsdamer Platz, 1935

A baker on a bike in the streets of Berlin, around 1937. Screenshots from Leo de Laforgue's film Berlin wie es war

A van of Schlossbrauerei (castle brewery) transporting bottles

A postman collects mail in a Berlin street, 1924
His car (in the foreground) is an electric "Mollmobil"

The window display of a butcher's shop in Lietzenburger Straße, Berlin, 1930s
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