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"‘Since the War’, Wilson reported, ‘a very great and widespread spirit of Nationalism has been introduced and fostered throughout the Middle East. . . Though the Company probably incurs less of this [jealousy] than the
political services do…

The houses in Braim were based on the Garden City ideal and the planner of the city, James M. Wilson. The are of Braim was also known as the 'bungalow area' and housed the British personnel and was located south-west of the refinery area. It was also…

The houses in Braim were designed to house workers and aimed to appease the 'local' architecture and needs. These houses were much smaller than the ones in Bawarda and Braim, which housed 'foreigners'. The houses were designed as a series of row…

"Löwenbräu" Pub at Charlottenstrasse 50 in Berlin, where the narrator of the story "A Guide to Berlin" meets his friend

This schematic representation of the narrative movement of Nabokov's "A Guide to Berlin" shows the temporal complexity of the narrative. Each block (color-coded by the location) represents a small textual segment, in which the time of action was…

В. Сиринъ, Возвращенiе Чорба, First Edition, Berlin: Slovo, 1929."A Guide to Berlin" was first published in book form as part of this collection.

A postman collects mail in a Berlin street, 1924
His car (in the foreground) is an electric "Mollmobil"

A van of Schlossbrauerei (castle brewery) transporting bottles

An interactive graph, or "score," of Nabokov's short story "A Guide to Berlin." The interactive "score" of Nabokov's "A guide to Berlin" shows the progression of the narrative verb by verb in each chapter (left to right, horizontal axis) and the…
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