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Olearius 1656 Karta Wolgae 01.jpg
This map of the Volga River appears in Adam Olearius, Vermehrte Moscowistische und Persianische Reiseebeschreibung ... (1656)


This image depicts the reality in the 'company town' of Abadan in which the British, and the foreigners in general, were above the locals in the social hierarchy. Iranians did not receive the benefits of the new found oil wealth, but were instead in…

Painting of Gorbachev's visit to Armenia, capturing the mood of the crowd during the president's somber visit in the wake of the earthquake. Note the wreckage in the background.

old town market.jpg
A page layout from Poland of Today

Copernicus statue in Warsaw.jpg
The statue of Copernicus stand amidst the rubble of post-war Warsaw, with two boys sitting on its pedestal. Symbol of Poland's / scientific establishment's fame and resilience.

IMG_8618 electricity map Poland .jpg
The importance of coal in the Silesian region cannot be under-estimated. One of its uses was for electricity generation, with the first generation of high-tension power lines planned as shown on the map.

coal shipping.jpg
The greatest export in the years immediately after World War II in Poland was coal. Ships leave for various European destinations from the ports of Gdansk, Gdynia, and Szczecin.
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