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El Greco (and workshop)Pentecost, ca.1600Oil on canvas275 cm x 127 cmMuseo Nacional del Prado, Madrid

Andrea Mantegna, Italian, 1431–1506 The Crucifixion, 1457-1459 Oil on panel 67 cm × 93 cm (26 in × 37 in) The Louvre, Paris

В. Сиринъ, Возвращенiе Чорба, First Edition, Berlin: Slovo, 1929."A Guide to Berlin" was first published in book form as part of this collection.

Published in "Raumforschung und Raumordnung" - the monthly journal of the Reich's Society for Spatial Science, and the prestige venue for exhibiting the Reich's plans for the "East" - this sketch shows the proposed extension of the Reichsautobahn…

The intense dynamic between the engineers and the “landscape advocates” involved in the Reichsautobahn designis best illustrated in the debate on how the highways should be laid upon landscape. The engineers, following the logic of the…

Planned at a construction pace of a thousand kilometers per year, the Reichsautobahn—or Straßen Adolf Hitlers—was to crisscross all of the Reich’s territory. Combined with intense motorization—exemplified in the concept…

There were approximately 5,500 Lenin monuments in Ukraine in 1991. By October 2014, that number has decreased to about 1700-1800, according to

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