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Construction workers in Berlin, view from above

The intense dynamic between the engineers and the “landscape advocates” involved in the Reichsautobahn designis best illustrated in the debate on how the highways should be laid upon landscape. The engineers, following the logic of the…

Planned at a construction pace of a thousand kilometers per year, the Reichsautobahn—or Straßen Adolf Hitlers—was to crisscross all of the Reich’s territory. Combined with intense motorization—exemplified in the concept…

Students of the 7th and 8th grades in the Overseas Schools in Abadan in the basketball. This mode of segregated [local vs. foreigners] schools became the accepted norm of schooling in the 'company towns'. Like their parents who were segregated,…

A baker on a bike in the streets of Berlin, around 1937. Screenshots from Leo de Laforgue's film Berlin wie es war

The window display of a butcher's shop in Lietzenburger Straße, Berlin, 1930s

The locals in Abadan Bazaar Street in front of the row houses that were occupied with workers.

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