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In the summer of 1947, Herman Field, brother of Noel Field, organized a tour for students that examined reconstruction efforts in Poland and other European countries. The group stayed at the Piekary Hospital for 2 nights.

piekary 1947 color.jpg
This was a color photograph taken of the hospital during 1947, when the students stayed for two nights.

Howard Brooks.jpg
Rev. Howard Brooks was the USC associate director who communicated frequently with Dorothea Jones during the hospital project.

cobb visa.jpg
In the summer of 1947, Henry N. Cobb, then a student at the Harvard GSD, joined a group that travelled throughout Europe to observe reconstruction efforts, particularly in Poland. In September, the group stayed at the hospital in Piekary.

USC france pamphlet.jpg
This is the cover of a publicity pamphlet, most likely distributed to USC donors. The pamphlet entered the Harvard University Library collection on October 31st, 1942. The ~50 page document illustrated the work of the USC's medical clinic in…
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