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Copernicus statue in Warsaw.jpg
The statue of Copernicus stand amidst the rubble of post-war Warsaw, with two boys sitting on its pedestal. Symbol of Poland's / scientific establishment's fame and resilience.

Dorothea Jones was an American young woman from Beacon Hill, MA who, after being turned down by UNRRA, started working for the USC's French Office under Noel Field. She was appointed a member of the Polish Medical Team that, starting in 1944,…

Dr. Bruk was the medical director of the USC medical mission and later, of the Piekary Hospital

Dr. Opalski was one of the original members of the team, an assistant physician to the director, Dr. Bruk.

These maps displays the Funders of the Polish emigre journal Kultura, those who sent in small donations to support the journal or political causes via the journal. The first one covers the entire period from the journal's founding in 1946 through…

This map shows the European locations of the funders contributing the Polish emigre journal Kultura between 1954 and 1989.

cobb visa.jpg
In the summer of 1947, Henry N. Cobb, then a student at the Harvard GSD, joined a group that travelled throughout Europe to observe reconstruction efforts, particularly in Poland. In September, the group stayed at the hospital in Piekary.

IMG_8618 electricity map Poland .jpg
The importance of coal in the Silesian region cannot be under-estimated. One of its uses was for electricity generation, with the first generation of high-tension power lines planned as shown on the map.

piekary 1947 color.jpg
This was a color photograph taken of the hospital during 1947, when the students stayed for two nights.
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