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These houses which are designated for Senior European personnel were based on the 'bungalow' prototype which were set on large green lawns. They are typically surrounded by parks and gardens and each house was lined with English hedges. Unlike the…

"A Guide to Berlin" is a short story written by Vladimir Nabokov in 1925 in Berlin. The first English translation was published inThe New Yorkeron March 1, 1976.

Construction workers in Berlin, view from above

Berlin Streetcar (Grosse Berliner Strassenbahn), 1924

Galta Bridge

avakov_fb comment.png
Arsen Avakov, Ukrainian Interior Minister, comments on the toppled statue of Lenin in Kharkiv

A world map designed by Bianca Green for use on various prints and home products for Urban Outfitters and Society6, showing a typical political boundary map shaded with vivid print patterns.

"Löwenbräu" Pub at Charlottenstrasse 50 in Berlin, where the narrator of the story "A Guide to Berlin" meets his friend

1680 Maasa detail.png
An early depiction of the Russian Empire by cartographer Isaac Maasa. Whether due to lack of information or assumptions about the size of other empires, this depiction of the Caspian Sea clearly privileges the Russian end of it. Astrkahan and the…

This photograph is part of the article“A New Jerusalem” published in the magazine “The Catholic World” - a monthly periodical of general literature and science. Lucy Garnet who is the author of the article, describes a seductive image of a…
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