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Mapping Cultural Space Across Eurasia

1000 words

Through video a complex map begins to surface.  Multiple layers are exposed as we don’t only see place to place movement of the objects within a room or building but the continuous changing of hands from discarded, outdated pieces of egalitarian design in India, to the refurbishing, the auctioning of (in one section we see a pair of chairs sold for $60,000), and then to the dispersal of these seemingly identical objects, re-imagined by individuals for aesthetical values and as objects of status in the West.  We then begin to see the objects transverse the globe from Antwerp to the Hamptons, from chic apartments in DUMBO to their constant maritime movement in a yacht’s livingroom. The ‘origin’ of these objects slowly begins to dissolve; echoing the still reverberating question, ‘where am I from?’